Do you remember how and when your sz/psz started

My started in April 1998 in Atlanta. I was a quality manager in one Internet company and when I sat on my chair in April I started having voices such as ‘You are with Devil’. After one month I had left the company and then in July 1998 I was in one restaurant in Miami Beach and when I went to the restroom I had voices ‘Do not worry, CIA is with you’. Then in the same month I received a letter from one third party consultancy from Miami Beach and they requested my permission to forward my CV to a member of the U.S. intelligence community. I was in Atlanta at that time. And later in Sept 1998 a CIA recruiter called at my phone and so on. My voices became gradually worse and the year 1999 was quite terrible. So that is how my psz started.


Work stress caused me to break down. I was young and did not have much coping. This was 2003 in new york.


20 years old, my grandfather passed away. I kept reading his biography and his CV and started getting delusional about his death.


I was 16 when i first became psychotic. Back around 2010 or 2011. A traumatic incident happened mixed with drug use overnight. Woke up the next morning and snapped. Was insane for months from that morning. Had repeated episodes of psychosis and sometimes mania since then over the years.


In 2018 on apr 24 I had a punch in the head on the streets. The fiance of the guy called the cops and since he had a witness I was fined. I felt it was tottaly unfair since the guy started: he run after my car and punched the car that made me get of from druver sit. My attorney requested the recordings of the camera that was on the street, but never actually got it: was told the street camera never recorded anything. I had two years trying to prove the cops did not do their jobs properly and in 2022 was my first hospitalization with bipolar manic.
That 2023 second hospjtalization diagnosed with sz.

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There were three crucial days.

One: I used an antibiotic and got my first weird anxiety. That went away after the antibiotic. But my GI tract was wrecked. I am sure it contributed to later psychosis.

Two: I was under a lot of pressure with my newborn, that I raised alone, with very little sleep because he had acid reflux. And his dad threatening us and being creepy. One day, I just crashed. And realized how unsafe we were with him. All the childhood stuff also came up, like the sexual abuse. And I collapsed. Terrified. Not psychosis, but PTSD breaking open.

Three: CPS said they would force visitation. In the same week, I quit the long-term benzo. Cold turkey, for nobody ever told me about addiction and withdrawal. Bam. Psychosis.

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