Do you remember any stories from first psychosis

I was chilling with my friend who was native to the city I went to school in. We were downtown away from the school I remember. This was in New York.

Some little girl who was incredibly cute but she was like 13-14 years old comes up to me says “how old are you” out of the blue.

I said “too old for you”

I was 19 at the time.

So she’s like “no but how old”.

I’m like “uhhhh…I’m 25”

To make her think I really am old

And she goes “25…too young!!!”

It was really funny she was with a group of friends and a mother. Everyone laughed including my friend, and even me. And they all smiled toward me going out the door. I guess they liked me even though I had horrible self-esteem.

Thinking back this was a really great memory even if I didn’t appreciate anything at the time


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