Do you regret now?

you dont brush your teeth when you were younger ?
for those who dont like to brush their teeth like me i already lost one tooth i am 30 yo
if you r like me or older
do you regret you dont brush your teeth when you were younger ?

  • yes
  • no
  • may be

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I have no problem with brushing my teeth regularly, haven’t lost a teeth. My friend lost 2 teeths and he brushes more often than me. We’re both 30 y.o.

I’m down three teeth.

The dentist wants me to do a deep clean. I don’t think that’s necessary.

Very good insights
I also had similar idea but I didn’t trust much

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It’s ironic because I’ve posted before about taking care of your teeth and how important it is. For my own teeth, I go in for a cleaning every 3 months and usually brush twice a day but I’ve
had several root canals and a tooth pulled and needed many cavities filled and crowns.


Hey, give your dentist a break, get the deep cleaning so he can make the last payment on his new swimming pool.


I’m not bad with teeth brushing but I’m not great either. I’m 36 and never lost a tooth. My sister who has pearly whites and is 4 years younger than me already needed a tooth pulled. I hope we don’t find out 35 years from now that something in our toothpaste is bad.

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I’ve read dental health is largely genetic (someone else may have evidence to refute this lol). I will say, though, that I haven’t always been the best at caring for my teeth but I have never had a cavity.


I have been told I have good teeth.

I used to have a gap between my front teeth but my dad organised for me to have braces.eventually.

He kept saying it’s too expensive and that I can leave the gap but when I was around 34 I got braces so I nolonger have a gap.

I am proud and thankful to have had a root canal and crown.

I can’t afford to have that again unless someone helps me out or I get to pay it off fortnightly.

I want to have my teeth professionally cleaned once a year if I can afford it.

I want it as a birthday present but it cost around $250 to have teeth cleaned.
I don’t like asking my parents for things but that’s what I wish for as a gift to have teeth professionally cleaned.

I have always brushed my teeth twice a day but I only recently started to floss.

My dad gave me a water pic floss and told me to use it once a day.

It prevents heart disease to floss.

I regret not flossing but one can improve.

My grandma was so proud of her teeth.

Everyone said her teeth were perfect and when she was a old old lady she still had her own teeth.

My teeth are good thanks to my dad.

I know people who had teeth pulled because they couldn’t afford a root canal.

One guy had a front tooth pulled but he was a smoker so he may have spent all his money on cigarettes and other things.

Some people don’t prioritise the teeth.:open_mouth:
My father would be horrified that they do t prioritise their teeth.

I don’t think I’ve ever flossed. Is that gross?

I don’t floss, my dentist floss my teeth when going for dental cleaning.

See I’ve read mixed reviews about the deep cleaning. Some say it’s just so the dentist can line their pockets. Other reviews highly recommend it. They say not getting it done can affect your overall health.

We should probably start there is probably bacteria living in our teeth.

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With our symptoms and meds it’s not always a choice. You pass out often.

It’s basically just cleaning your teeth and gums more in depth than a regular cleaning. Deeper and more thorough. I had it done once several years ago. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

i have family in the dental business. their side of the family have beautiful teeth that they take care of just right!! i am quite lazy but i try to brush twice a day. really after chemo like i had they recommend much more brushing. i guess i am just a lazy girl!! judy