Do you recognize non schizo symptoms

Dopamine allows us:

To be able to feel pleasure
To have feelings of love
To care or have concern about others
Ability to process feelings

Dopamine deficiencies can result in:
The lack of being able to feel pleasure
The lack of the ability to love
To not care about our actions
To be distracted easily

Norepinephrine assists in:
The ability to be aroused and to have energy and drive
The ability to be stimulated
The ability to decide whether to fight or run

Norepinephrine deficiencies result in:
A lack of energy
A lack of motivation

Serotonin Functions in:
The ability to be emotionally stable
The ability to not be aggressive
The ability to maintain proper sleep
The ability to control our appetite

Serotonin deficiencies can mean:
To be easily irritated
To have irrational emotions
To suddenly cry for no apparent reason
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
To not be able to sleep good

GABA assists in:
The controlling of anxiety
Helps control being overly aroused
Controls convulsions
Keeping balanced in thought process
(NOTE: Taking GABA as a supplement can momentarily cause the feeling of being short of breath in some people. I’m one of those people. While harmless, it can really freak you out if you’re not prepared for it.)

GABA deficiencies can result in:
Free-floating anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
Racing thoughts
Rapid heart beat
Not being able to fall asleep
Constant need to “fight or flight”
Panic Attacks

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Interesting list. I hardly feel like a schizo these days unlike when my symptoms were more constant, but i do still have troubles with some things on your list.

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wow i didnt no about this i copy and saved

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I have insomnia and anxiety, and i have low gaba,

According to that list, I’d be deficient in every single neurotransmitter. Though it doesn’t show the problems associated with high levels of neurotransmission or where in the brain these deficiencies have to be to experience those problems.

For example, one theory suggests that in SZ we have high dopamine transmission in the temporal region of the brain (causes positives), but low transmission in the prefrontal cortex (causes negatives and cognitives). Of course that is just one theory, now they are leaning toward the glutamate hypothesis which can explain why there is a difference of dopamine transmission in those 2 regions of our brains.

LOL I have some GABA problems. I have generalized anxiety disorder, the xanax helps though. I think my meds have helped everything else. You know too much dopamine and serotonin means psychosis, right?

I have aggression problems which meds and xanax do not cure. I think I have this, from wikipedia

A version of the monoamine oxidase-A gene has been popularly referred to as the warrior gene.
Several different versions of the gene are found in different individuals, although a functional gene is present in most humans (with the exception of a few individuals with Brunner syndrome).[16] In the variant, the allele associated with behavioural traits is shorter (30 bases) and may produce less MAO-A enzyme.[17] This gene variation is in a regulatory promoter region about 1000 bases from the start of the region that encodes the MAO-A enzyme.

A connection between a version of the monoamine oxidase A gene (3R) and several types of antisocial behavior has been found.

full page

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My neurotransmitter test shows that i have a normal reference range serotonin but i have elevated Dopamine, i cant do anything about dopamine, many things can elevate dopamine. Stress,lack of sleep, anxiety, and i have all of that, maybe if i go to a camping for a month every thing will go back to normal…