Do you recognize another schizophrenic when you see him or her

In my neighborhood I have been observing one young woman in her early 20s. She is quite beautiful, but I know she is schizophrenic. She is always alone, walks alone and talks alone, normal people would think that her behavior is weird. Now she has got a bicycle and she is doing alone what I am doing, riding a bicycle around the town. Maybe I could talk with her at some time, but she is so introverted with her symptoms that she does not talk with anybody. It is so unfortunate, because she is so young and beautiful and she would have the whole life ahead her.

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Sz’s are on a whole different time zone than the rest of the planet. Maybe she has noticed you too.
I know for me sometimes it’s very hard to carry my end of the conversation with others, even though I’m grateful for them just being present.

My sz-radar is usually pretty accurate. For instance in this hospital I am in, I can always tell the Sz’s even if they don’t communicate with me. Most people here are for PTSD, depression and anxiety, so Sz’s though stand out like a sore thumb!

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Yeah. When I’m in the clinic weighting room I can usually spot the people who suffer from SZ. I try and to strike up a conversation - I talk when I’m nervous.

There’s a man who lives behind me with his mother. He is odd, smokes a lot. Neighbors tell me he’s sz. He has very bad hygiene

Don’t think of a beautiful person keeping to themselves as necessarily a tragedy. They’ll be as ugly as everyone else in their later years. Besides if she is very ill she may not contribute much to society anyway. Besides not all introverts are mentally ill. I used to think one of my nieces was in trouble because she kept to herself when my family visited. Recently I heard that all she ever made was A’s in school and she is in a science and math concentration elite school which she loves because the students there are serious about learning. That woman for all you know may be doing something with her life when she’s not on that bicycle. And if she isn’t consider the possibility that her beauty may be the only thing going for her. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. And by the way what’s wrong with a woman being alone anyway?


When she goes to a store she often speaks alone, I have never seen her with anybody.

Funny you mentioned those A students. It is in our family, my aunt was very good in the school and then she got sz and lived with it for the rest of her life, she was beautiful but meds made her to gain weight. She always wanted me to come and see her. I was very good in the school and got my university degree and went to America but fell ill there. Now my cousin’s daughter is excellent in the school and I hope she won’t get sz later in her life.

Never properly met any schizophrenic yet. Perhaps someone in a park who might have been homeless. Was talking to himself and acting a bit off. In a happy way though, singing a lot, dancing. He seemed to be enjoying himself. Not quite how I experience psychosis. Maybe it was just a drunk.

It’s not that I still don’t worry about her sometimes. It’s just that geniuses often walk the line between sanity and insanity often and a very successful person in some ways may seem to be off in others. We get out of life what we put into it and while socializing is a healthy activity putting less time into it gives you more time to learn things from a scholarly perspective. It’s a balance of how we spend our time that makes us who we are. I will admit though that a person who never socializes is probably doomed to fail in life. But if a beautiful woman is very sick she’ll have trouble being a good Mother which is my main objection to guys thinking a lonely beautiful woman amounts to a tragedy. Or for that matter I also have a problem with women thinking a handsome male loner is necessarily a tragedy because when that’s all he has going for him he’ll have trouble being a good Dad.

sometimes i do, sometimes i can see when someone may have mi but not all the time, i have been told that i dont look mi myself and tbh i dont feel it just now, if it wasnt for the medication i would be a wreck

In the hospital I can never tell who’s schizophrenic. Maybe I don’t have the aforementioned radar? Most of the people in there last time had substance abuse problems bipolar or anxiety. Szs and Szas were somewhat rare.

sz-dar isn’t like gay-dar, I would agree. I can pick out a lgbt faster than a Sz. - lol

Skizdar is more fun to say. :blush:

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Nope, I have met only one other Schizophrenic irl that I know of. I can usually tell if someone is bipolar after speaking with them for a bit though. Well maybe not tell, but certainly not shocked or surprised.

It is strange so many of you can recognize people with schizophrenia because I can’t. When I was in the hospital I would get surprised whenever I learned people were there with schizophrenia. Apparently where I was it seemed to be either drug overdose, schizophrenia, or ptsd.

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I have a sz friend…I knew he was sz when we first met as he’s more open and vocal about it…my one hospital visit I was surrounded By depressed people so idk if I got skitzdar…also I hid my affliction from everyone for all of my life minus this last year…so I think some of us may be harder to identify than others…

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Ya the Girl I was sure was Schizophrenic seemed more well adjusted than me. We hung out quite a bit from 16-18 then lost touch when she moved back home (she was living with her GMa while her parents worked abroad)

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Why is it that people who have schizophrenia are generally alone (without company) and tend to be quite? Is it true or is it just me?

Freedom from not having to watch what you say or think or do
Fear of judgement
Feeling more alone around people than you do by yourself.
Social Anxiety
Everyone assumes you’re Depressed
Feeling that you are being Patronized or micromanaged

I don’t know the above is just me.

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My answer is maybe. Just make sure you do not stalk them.

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In that case I kept to myself even before I had symptoms. A common occurrence was that no matter how much I thought I was talking to the people around me people always said that I talked too little.