Do you reckon you are a kind person?

I try to be,

But overall I am not sure

Sometimes i order a quarter pound of somewhat at the butcher

Yes but being kind gets you nowhere in this world

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Maybe were kinder because of the hard times, had so many of those
It seems its a cruel brutal world
Theres not many opportunities here for the likes of me, so im stuck in a rut but better the little comfort i get than none at all if that makes sense

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And I don’t present myself like I am.

I have a cold, dark heart and don’t hide it.

It’s the nice people you have to worry about.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing and all that.

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I can be kind…… I can also be very mean.

I don’t think I’m a generally kind person though.

I always think compassion and kindness are decent qualities to have
But like someone else here said, people can take advantage if your too soft
Its tricky getting the right balance sometimes

Not anymore. I’m only faultlessly nice to family and fellow sz/sza. As someone who was bullied my whole youth I’m 100% thru taking crap outside of safe spaces.

Yes no more crap

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I was in supermarket today at quiet time with husband
There was this little 3 yrs old girl with ling dark brown hair and she held onto my shopping trolley grinned up at me then let go, i smiled back at her. The innocent kids need to see humanity, decency
Im a social phobe and stay home most of the time but id always be kind its just built in me to be this way. Ive experienced being bullied and its painful and bad but don’t let them win.
My husband says to me all that ive been through, still have a lovely personality shines through
It warms my heart when i see acts of kindness

I have that problem too. I’ve had it forty years.

I do think that I try to be a kind person most of the time. I fail sometimes though.

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