Do you prefer mentally ill friends over your former friends

Personally I think mentally ill folk are much nicer. I don’t like my former friends at all but feel the people I meet a mental health club are much nicer. They understand.


My best friends have some sort of mental illness, i’m the sz, there’s the bipolar, the depressed, the “not sure what I have but I have something so I take a lot of meds” …

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As far as I know none of my real life friends have any mental illness


I’ve been finding that people who I thought were just fine… and had nothing wrong with them are fighting their own problems…

I don’t have many friends… but the ones I do have… they are nice because I like nice and low drama people. Some have a head circus they are trying live with… some don’t.

I don’t want to say people with Mental illness are nicer… because when I was at my worst… I wasn’t nice at all… I was angry… verbally abusive… I would argue all the time… I was egotistical… I wasn’t a good person.


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I haven’t had much luck with mentally ill friend although I know some lovely mentally ill people also
Friends I had in my early 20s were really good friends but I didn’t tell them I was ill. Since moving lost touch with them

My normal friends all turned on me when they found out I had sz. I think they wanted to treat me like a normal person when they did find out and they would tell me to get off the medicine and let God do the rest. I’m no longer friends with those people. But I have found a group of normal friends that have accepted me for who I am and they don’t judge me like my old friends. But the new friends are not as religious as the old friends so that might have something to do with it.

I find it harder to be friends with people who aren’t a little quirky. Writers, artists, poets, dreamers, philosophers, musicians - and I’ve found that those people are more often a little mentally ill than not, and when they’re not, they’re accustomed to being around people who are, and aren’t phased by it. Right now I work with people who are very, idk. Results oriented, status conscious, incurious? I don’t know what the exact term is. Not quirky. And I find it difficult and demoralizing to try to fit in. They’ve got their own anxieties and paranoias and depressions, but never seem to ever question accepted, surface reality. I feel like I’m maybe 17% myself around them, and 83% discounted and repressed.

So I guess it’s not MI vs. not MI. I’m beginning to believe everyone is a little mentally ill.

The people on here are my favorite by far.

I know one diagnosed BP in real life. She’s a mess though.

No one is actually normal. Not in the psychology department. lol

I find that most of my friends have something off kilter. Normal is hard to come by. I mean…it’s almost a myth. Technically, normal is a stereotype. It’s a young heterosexual white Christian male in my region. I’ve met them, they’re often boring.

My most normal friend is light skinned African American and has ADD. He’s also really into anime like I am, and he’s built like a tank. That’s a little incongruent with the local stereotype of normal, and he hangs out with me, if that says anything LOL

None of my childhood or teenage friends are relatable anymore. Would much rather just stay as a loner than risk getting into negative friendships.

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I have no mentally Ill friends , just everyone I grew up with managed to stay healthy.

yeah me too. I don’t have any mentally ill friends. I do like the people who are on here.

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i prefer animals :dog: :cat: and aliens :alien:
take care :alien:


I’ve had several friends who were mentally ill. Yes, ALL of them were much nicer than most of my friends I had before I got ill. But they were only human, they might have turned on me. But I knew a couple of them for more than five years and they were pretty cool to me.

I think I do. People who aren’t mentally ill could never understand how frustrating it is to have sz. I feel separate from my old friends. Also, they might hold it against me that I am mentally ill.

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I think half my friends are mentally ill already LOL. Seriously, I have and had have friends with depression, anxiety, etc…

The ones with mental disorders I tend to end up especially close to because it’s like we get the other’s suffering and I feel more comfortable opening up to those people.

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I’m jealous (fifteen characters)

Me too. Mine were, but I switched jobs, everyone moved, and now I work with the normiest normiest ever. I miss my old friends, it’s much easier to be honest and at ease with people who get it.

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I’d say it’s alright for people to not want to know about mental illness. There are to many that never will in any case.

It’s a completely different experience though when people at least know that a mental illness is no one’s fault and a psychopath is something totally different.

Bipolar’s are cool. SZ folk are the best. We’re jesuses and whatnot.