Do you prefer lock down or not?And some discussion about china

I know it’s miserable to prefer lockdown but I do enjoy not having to work and as an extreme introvert it is a joy that I will not be seen as a wierdo for staying in my room and house.I think extrovert or people who strive on socialising do suffer to some extend.I do prefer lockdown to some extend but for the good of the world everyone would prefer pre-COVID or post-COVID world.

I thought China will be starting war soon,they are banning kids and limiting their time spent playing online game and also they are banning male artist who are feminine,which I thought both this do show me that in a few decades they might start war??Or am I just paranoid lol


My life is a lockdown because i dont have a job.

China starting war, against who ?

About China starting war I mean they are taking strict and limiting rules and laws.I don’t know who they will start war with but I just had some thoughts after reading these 2 news.I am a Malaysian chinese btw…

It’s like they will slowly progress to maybe war?Hitler of Germany took more extreme measure before WW2 started.I just thought so with China but it’s my personal sense which most probably isn’t accurate