Do you play loud music from speakers?

I live in a flat and I blast metal, some old lady in a flat next doors thinks im a satanistic person lol


Yeah i do that with a bit of pink floyd. 2 Echo Studios and a Sub. The floor vibrates - and in fact i sometimes do it to piss off the miserable old goat below.


I live with my father. I listen to music with headphones in the corner on the computer. It works well. I can dial it up and not affect dad’s watching tele in basically the same room. It’s a small house.

So no. I have a record player now and it’s bluetooth and listen to my records even on headphones. Welcome to the modern world and I aint pissing off anyone :slight_smile:


No just through my phone. I got a nest mini for free from Google Fi and I haven’t tried it yet.

I only use headphones all the time.

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