Do you or have you ever grown your own fruits and/or vegetables?

When I was a kid, We used to have a pear tree and a cherry tree in our backyard.

When I was psychotic, I stayed at one my ex brother in laws houses with a huge yard for awhile and started a garden from scratch. Had to remove the grass and everything. Had, onions, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe, Carrots…and many other things in it. It was huge. I also had a Second garden at my aunts house with other vegetables in it. I was growing my own vegetables and fruits because of psychotic reasons.

Currently, we just have tomatoes at my parents house. Oh, and I guess chives count as well. We put those in cottage cheese.

What about you?


Asian pears
Every veggie known to mankind

Most of it was growing up. The farm in Oregon and the farm where my parents live now grow massively different produce.


Unfortunately I never grew a thing except for some indoor cat grass for my cat.
I don’t like gardening

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Growing up my grandmother in Rhode Island had a large garden with pumpkins and squash and cucumbers and tomatoes and bell peppers :yum: oh! And corn and sunflower :sunflower:

Couple years back before I went psychotic about 2 years ago, I had a tomato patch cherry tomatoes. We’ve cleared it out since and let the wild strawberries fill in and now we have tons of strawberries! :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry:

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I grew up mainly living in apartments but when I was in 9th grade we rented a house for about a year. We had a garden out back and we started from scratch also, clearing a part of the lawn, turning the soil, and planting vegetables. We had corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots and a few more I can’t remember now.


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