Do you notice when your moods are 'up and down' with SZA?

I was feeling really irritable and angry and very snappy - they said I had some paranoid and unusual thoughts because I missed my injection for 3 weeks, I have since taken it, in the mean time they proscribed me Haldol (Haloperidol) and Diazepam and feel much calmer. The Diazepam is only for two weeks worths because you can get addicted too it… So they are starting me on Depakote again.

I think I am switching between moods. Last night I was so angry, this morning I woke up feeling depressed and suicidal ideation and after a little nap I feel great and elated and want to stay away all night… I know when the Diazepam runs out I’ll be felling irritated and angry again.

Do you think you notice your mood swings if you have SZA? The thoughts about there being a conspiracy against me have died down and my mind feels calmer but my moods are all over the place.


How much depakote will you be taking?

I’ve had my depakote dose lowered from 1500 mg down to 1000 mg.

My moods have been very stable.
No depression whatsoever.

Going to ask my pdoc if I can lower the dose even more.

I don’t know always a shift in my moods unless it’s extreme. Lately I’ve been anxious but that’s not new

250mg twice daily.

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That’s a low dose.

Yes, i definitely notice when my moods are up and down. I am sza bipolar type and am acutely aware of both my manic and depressive moods and the way i feel leading up to them. I have been doing this for many years and have learned over the years what’s what. It helps me to relate to my pdoc what’s going on with me and make necessary med adjustments as needed.

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Yes I notice when I’m entering a depression. It happens gradually and starts with irritable or dead mood and feeling of being overwhelmed. When I get hypomania i feel restless and can’t sit still. That happens far less than the depression though.

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