Do you notice how I never post news or research articles?

There’s a reason for that.

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Well? Spit it out… What’s the reason??

I would like nothing better than to explain my paranoia with the media

you would say, Did you tell your pdoc? Are you taking your meds?

Wait, is that not a common thing? I thought that even *ehem* “normies” had little trust in the media. Want an unbiased opinion on US politics? Too fu cking bad. You are either a democrat or a republican. Moderates are either racist or uneducated, but probably both. God forbid you have your own goddamn opinion. Hell, I could talk about this all fu cking day.


Thanks for your response, it was a good one.

I was almost doing the John Nash thing over the newspaper headlines.

it’s a long story, and the mods don’t want me to talk about it.

Yes, well, there is a big difference between not trusting the media and thinking you’re receiving secret messages from the government in newspaper articles. Best not to discuss it at all if it’s going to make you sicker. :heart:

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Well, didja?

Jokes aside, I don’t trust media except some outlets like NPR

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it’s not supposed to happen with schizophrenics that you can read facial expressions

but I did. Awww, truth is elusive.

Well, you can have trouble with some facial expressions but not others. Same thing for people with autism. We’re not stupid, you know? Like, I can tell you’re pissed if you’re staring me down from across the room looking like this:

It’s really more of the nuances people have trouble with, I’ve noticed. Does your facial expression reveal that you want to be friends, or friends with benefits? Are you rolling your eyes because I said something silly, or because I said something stupid? Stuff like that.


Personally I’m not sure how much these online multiple choice emotion recognition tests translate to reading a person offline .

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no, honey, watching the news! A visual face.

What do you mean? Who took a test?

In this day and age of botox, facial expressions may become a thing of the past. :smile:


Omg have you guys watched that show Botched on E!? It can get pretty funny when you see what some people have intentionally done to their bodies.

No, but I watched my 600 pound life. shudder

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Omg my mom and I love that show. Do you watch it every week or just sporadically?

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This is a little off topic but I attended a leadership and communication seminar recently. The speaker stated that the most honest part of someone’s body (in terms of body language) is their feet (rather than their eyes).

Fortunately, botox doesn’t effect one’s feet. :smile:


that’s interesting. I’m constantly trying to correct my feet, born with club foot.

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Sporadically 151515

But what if you want plump feet?

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