Do you need people?

I don’t need people physically, but I need at least an online presence. That seems to be good enough for me.

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Yes! They keep me grounded. I talk to my mom and grandparents when I’m having a rough time. I don’t burden my brothers with it, they are a bit on the young side. The older one I did have a conversation with about it about a year ago. Just so he knows I would never crack and act out like the stereotype might suggest.

Yes. Join a club or something to bring you into contact with people. If it doesn’t work out go back to what your doing. If it works out…you’ve gained.

I’ve gained a lot from participation with friends, family and a sporting club!

I don’t need a lot of company, but I do need at least some. If you’re alone too much you can grow eccentric and lose the normal everyday manners and expectations we all are supposed to have.


Yes we need friends i have a few i can talk too as well as family members.But from my personal experience most of my former work collegues, some i thought were geniune friends changed when i was honest with them about my condition.But thats life i suppose hope this helps!

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