Do you need people?


I don’t want to need people but realize it would probably be better if I had a sense of needing someone. It would get my mind off myself. And I’m always hearing about the benefits of giving. I’ve been a tough loner for too long.


I definitely need to have people in my life. I’m too sad without them.


I think everybody needs people. We are social creatures like Guinea pigs
But with this illness I feel more needy it’s so annoying.


My problem is that I get too demanding and that’s my excuse for staying away from people. Nobody could possible live up to my list of demands.


I need to see people and get out and about


Do you live alone?


Yes I live alone quite like it but have to go out during morning at least


I used to think we didn’t need people, but then I got smart and less delusional and realized we do need people in our life as a sense of belonging and acceptance.


I need people, I need support, I need to feel like I’m not alone with this disease, and I need my family, and dogs. Without them I would be lost


I need my family


Friends and family are a part of most people’s lives. Without other people for a certain duration of time such as a month and depending on the environment whether it be isolation or densely populated, human beings react differently to various circumstances.

We all need people.


I need people in the world, but not in my head talking to me 24/7. I’m angry enough with my head pain and they don’t make things any easier.


@naturallycured, I’m glad you can make a difference between actual others and the people in your head. I’m afraid I have been angry at others all because of the people in my head that are giving me an angry headache. Good to recognize this.


The optimal word here in your question is “need,” which assumes an absolute necessity for all of us (we) to socialize with others. We all do not need to socialize with others in an absolute sense, but human beings have shown themselves over their evolution to be social creatures, and it is generally accepted that people do better forming attachments and working together for the benefit of the couple, or greater group.

There are those who choose a more solitary life style without the “need” for habitual contact with other people, but they are an exception to the more general pattern seen in the history of human beings. We are not alone in being predisposed towards being social, and there are many mammals, birds and fish who work and live together in families, packs, and groups. But then again, there are always, and probably always will be lone wolves.


People are everything, they comfort you and can help you rationalize almost anything. Gotta love people


Are they loud or quiet? I got quiet voice repeating the same thing 24/7. Keeps calling me nuts, but I think the voice is nuts.


You tell 'em, @Ale.


I don’t need people on a personal level. But I need society to continue functioning, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to obtain food, have electricity, etc. I need society to continue in order for me live, but I don’t need anything to do with people on a personal level.


They’re mostly quiet but they chime in here and there. I could do without.


The longer one lives alone, as I did, the harder it is to adjust to the give and take of living with others. It can be a rude awakening.