Do you need help to live independently?

This is a question on the Housing and support needs form my stepdaughter has filled in for me. She ticked ‘yes’.

Do you need help to live independently?
Check for any issues managing day-to-day your home / problems with washing / cleaning/ cooking / support or care.

  • Yes
  • No

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Probably with the dishes and laundry. I can take care of the toilet, vacuuming, and cat’s litter box fine, but the dishes just pile up to the point where it reminds me I’m mentally ill.

I live on my own but I do need some help but don’t get any help. Instead, I just kind of fumble through chores inconsistently.

I can get along and have gotten along since November, so I’ll vote no.voted no

I do think there are improvements I can make, though. Lately, I clean up and then take a photo and text it to my friends with the words, “look! I cleaned up! You should come visit me!” and they reply with “good job” or “looks great!” and that makes me feel good and gives me motivation to do it again. They must think that’s weird that I keep sending them pics of my empty kitchen sink and random spots of the vacuumed floor lol

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I do need help with cleaning and maintaining a structure in everyday life, and I’m getting that help.
A caretaker person thing comes by once a week to help me with it, but I could have more if I wanted to or needed it

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To survive no, to live yes. :slight_smile:

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With me it’s keeping my flat clean and tidy and manual/practical tasks. @HQuinn Like you I currently don’t get any help although described as having “Limited ability to live independently in the community”

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my family helps do things sometimes, but mostly helps give me a reason to do things. If I was by myself I probably wouldn’t even get out of bed most days.

I need help getting around.
I suffer with Agoraphobia also.
I voted yes.

I need help with bills and cleaning. Everything else I’m fine. I do pay some bills, do do some cleaning but need help with it.

I live in supported housing with support staff helping me live my life. I also have help around my money,

Sort of. I forget day-to-day stuff unless I have it scheduled. My life is Google Calendar, sticky notes, and white boards in rooms where I regularly do chores. That part of my brain is on permanent vacation.


I live with my aging parents and I need help with reminders and encouragement, but even then I barely get anything done.
Even basic hygiene needs encouragement.

I don’t know if need support. Probably, but I don’t know what that means.

How does a person know if they need support to live in lndependently?

What does support do?

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