Do you need an idea in order to write?

Struggling with a story…
I want to write a play with a 12 strong cast, where each person and actor is a different Chinese zodiac animal

Is that all I need to get typing?

Lol. Stupid thread.

I think the slightest idea for a story would be enough ,… and again I’m unraveling my own stuff (a tiger and a pig) in order to be real and write what I know!!

Could it also be a love story of two Aspies?
Is that opposed to the zodiac or does that now make a story?

If it excites and scares you at the same time, it’s a good idea to x

Stuck. Before the first line xxxx


I always play relaxing music to get the poise right. Youtube these day you can play like 24hrs of mediation music on one video.


Ahh x good idea

So you want to write a play with 12 cast members?

How about…

Sargent Jack Baker recruits 12 pastry workers to go and fight for their country! The title of the play?

“Baker’s Dozen”

AahHEEHooHaHARYiPpYyAY!!! :smile:

(Oops! That would make 13 cast members)


That’s a one liner x

I took a creative writing class in college and one of the tips my professor told me was to eavesdrop. People say really interesting things if you listen. However with my Sz I usually blow these ideas out of proportion.

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Understand about the blowing out of proportion

It’s a good idea x

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From the beginning of it it sounded like a tale where you have 12 fated heroes. Each has a different special ability in line with the chinese zodiac. They get these abilities at the age of 13. They each respond differently to it but are united by an ancient prophesy that says they will say the land they are in. Anyway that is what popped into my head but you sounds like you are angling for a romantic comedy or something like that.

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did someone say “write”?

well, guess who has a few poems that might inspire you?

:open_mouth: :slight_smile: :wink:

judging by your username, I can already tell that poetry is where you belong!

Yeah… I like the heroes angle, sounds like a tv series…

Think rom com is what I’m all about u may be right xxxxx fantasy rom com - just signed off on one script that took me 3.75 yrs

Hope I’ll not come across wrong hereDo you write poetry?

Do you mean me? Chrystal is not much to do with writing?

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But yea the tiger ended up with the pig / boar is pretty much the tigers tale,., but what happens to the rest of the animals?

I mean they can all die from a freak storm?

But still x

Thanks guys… for the brainstorm the X have a plan now if I can get it going x
A really quiet beginning x a monologue or two, maybe from each animal… 12 monologues interspersed with Aspergers love story between tiger and boar all set in Thailand with the tsunami taking all but those 2

I think it is good to have at least a vague idea of the theme and the plot of what you’re writing before you begin. You do want to give yourself room to embellish and improvise though.


you can always write about current events. like I’m going to write a thanksgiving poem, though I’m a little late…

you can write about the current season.

you can write a poem about the elections, again kind of late…

these are all things that I’ve written poems about. stories are possible too, but I don’t know how stories work.


my husband pointed out that it is similar to Life of Pi

i got this idea out of my head… some other writer began with a similar premise!!!

I think if I had no schizophrenia and had the ability to knuckle down to an exciting quick fire process of idea to page to edit to production… then i could write about current events - or current ideas with all contacts and all mental good health - that is how they look so ahead… it’s like running against an athlete when you are not at all fast

people get there before me

nothing is original the moon brings dreams to all of us at the same general time

the zeitgeist

I have a full length play gearing up for production and have a 25 minute play on tour as a double bill of two monologues at the moment with another disablity theatre company.

It’s great work if you can get it… I had to be well for many years before being able to cope. - tried so many other things which made me unwell
think i have been waiting for this all my life though.

I’m ten years out of hospital

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