Do you need a high IQ to understand Game of Thrones?

If I listen to like a minute of it, I’m lost. Can’t remember what they said. I’m dumbed down. Wow, society is really advanced! I wish I had the mind to understand it.


Are you on high dosages of meds?

I think it takes a lot to follow along. I have a relatively high iq and still have a bit of trouble remembering everything.


Yeah. But I have been for 10 years. So I probably lost my mind, what’s the point in meds if it makes you this way? I think medication is the worse thing that ever happened to me

Wikipedia and Google helps. That’s what I do to get help and clarification.

I can’t tell you one important fact about it except they are fighting over a throne…

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Do you like it?

BuzzFeed is a good place for episode breakdowns and theories, too.

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Oh, theories, cool. It’s philosophical?

Sort of? They’re very full of content and possibilities.

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I don’t watch it. I don’t have TV and HBO. But I thought about getting the books. Those probably take high intellect because they are long and somewhat complicated. Costco sells them.

I heard the sex scenes and action is pretty good in got.

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Cool, I’ll check out BuzzFeed

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I’ve never watched it.

I told my boyfriend I was looking it up, and he said it would give me nightmares… Guess there’s a reason my brain can’t accept it

You don’t need high iq to understand pornogrophy.


GOT is a complex series.
Tons of characters and lots going on.
Things can get confusing for me too.
You are not alone @Winterblues.


It can be pretty hard to follow, especially in the first season when you’re learning about all the factions. I still don’t know what city the cast is in at any given moment all the time. The premiere comes on in an hour for me, I’m watching the last episode of last season on HBO right now :smiley:

It’s not pornography, it just has a uncensored nudity. The sex scenes aren’t drawn out or focused on. If you don’t like that kind of thing then GoT is probably not for you. It’s a gritty realistic setting with soldiers and brothels aplenty, and lots of death.


I’m pretty intelligent, so I’m be been t old, and reading the books I couldn’t get the care to keep up with every storyline. It was just too convoluted. I understood it and followed everything, but it was tiresome and I didn’t want to spend more time with it after 4 books and the story barely progressing.


I only understand stories that are personal accounts or YA literature. The rest, a professor has to explain. I probably wouldn’t like the books especially witnessing the language out loud. I process story lines better if they are outloud

Being on high doses is probably keeping you sane but also dulling your mind so it’s harder to think in academic like situations. Your memory is probably affected too. But you still need the meds. Can you ask your pdoc to do a trial run on lower doses and see how it goes?