Do you miss your pDocs when they leave

That’s true.

3 stars means she does her job, and isn’t totally mean or anything while doing it :sweat_smile:.


Do i miss my Pdoc. lol, no chance. And you should not get emotionally attached with them anyway, cos it goes against professional boundary’s.

They are just a means to an end for me - so i can get my benefits. And you should think the same.

Years ago I had a wonderful lady psychiatrist and she was always very nice and clever with medication but the last ten years or so I have a man psychiatrist and he’s not as nice and not as good as she was

I don’t really get attached to my psychiatrist the same way I do with my therapist

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Honestly I don’t care most of my shrinks and pill pushers.

There’s only been one that I ever miss. She was the psychiatrist I had after I got away from my abuser (who was also a psychiatrist).

She was very understanding and did her best to work with me. She’s honestly the only reason I keep giving therapy a chance.

She unfortunately moved away, but I wonder how she’s doing sometimes

I had a strange crush, neither romantic or sexual, with my female pdoc. I just really, really liked her, and i miss her now.

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