Do you miss your pDocs when they leave

I love my care providers. Even though I prefer telehealth. I was up all last night anxious for my appointment with my pDoc and met her for the first time. She has been working 22 years. She says she’s gonna work as long as she can because she loves helping people.

It was so nice to talk to someone who knows everything about you. And be myself.

I still miss my last pDoc and think about him a lot. He was with me for 10 years every month.

My meds are gonna change but she is gonna taper back in Seroquel, since it was my main AP, before we change out my Latuda. I’m so happy I have a plan in place now.


I didn’t get along that well with my last psychiatrist because I felt she was jealous of me.

I’ve had one psychiatrist I think I liked.

Maybe I’ve had two I liked.


It is difficult to work with a pDoc I don’t like or trust.


I had the same pdoc for about 15 years

He retired


My pdoc left my medical provider. I have a new one again. I had this pdoc for 4 years. I saw him once a year or less. Not much of a relationship with so few appointments.


I don’t know but I don’t like my pdoc that much. He is experienced and has good reputation but kind of feel there is a lag in the way the progression for improvement. Unsure if it is the way it is supposed to be. But there is a spark missing. I prefer a pdoc who is good at understanding things about my symptoms and my needs.


As outpatient I’ve had 3 pdocs over 12 years.

I’m happy with my current one and have no intention of switching.

But no I don’t miss my previous pdocs and I think they don’t miss me as well.


I don’t miss my pdocs but I do miss my care coordinator.he was assertive, empathetic, open minded and patient and had a funny sense of humour

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I only usually see them once or twice so I don’t get a chance to miss them.

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Did you have a psych. Nurse?


No i don’t see anyone.

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I mean I’m seeing a pdoc but in August.

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@SacredNeigh7 , you think literally everyone is against you and jealous of you. That’s simply not reality. You are unwell. Please see a pdoc and describe all this to them. You need help right now

I have a great pdoc with a great personality. Unfortunately, she had a kidney transplant a few years back and I don’t know how long one can live after that so I don’t know how much longer she’ll be around. But she’s great, I really like her, and when she’s gone, I’ll really miss her.

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My pdoc is good— I give her a rating of 3 out of 5 stars :sweat_smile:.

:star: :star: :star:


Lol that is really depressing

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How come?

She gets three super cool star stickers to wear on her white coat :rofl:

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Lol i guess if its not numeric…

3/5 is 60% is a D lol


3 stars isn’t bad for a pdoc.

Most pdocs and psych hospitals have terrible reviews on Google review.


True :sweat_smile:

She does try, which can’t be said for a lot of pdocs out there. She is also very nice and didn’t discourage me from applying to grad school just because I was manic at the time, so I guess that’s a good thing :sweat_smile:.

…She would totally be bumped up to 5 star stickers if she found a cure though, haha.

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