Do You Miss Any Long Lost Friends?

There is a gal I miss, lost her years ago when I had depression, She is happy and married now so friendship would be hard to fire up again
Think about her a lot, dam illness


Not really. I drifted away from all my friends for various reasons. Not strictly to do with schizophrenia.

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Why don’t you get in contact with her?

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I have lost two friends in particular that I think of quite a bit…first there was Michael…we were close in college but then he got a job out of the states with his astrophysicist degree…running the big telescopes in south america…anyways, he came back to the states to visit his family and had a horrible headache and went to the hospital and died a couple hours later due to a brain tumor…

the other one is Devin…he looked up to me because I was in architecture…Devin bought homes for a living and redid them to sell for profit. One day Devin leaned up against a dryer to push it against the wall and the 220 volt had been miswired and electrocuted Devin for about three minutes…he struggled living with his wife pushing him really hard to get better but his brain damage was so bad he never made it but a couple years after and he died too.

I miss them awful…same as my family members that have passed away.

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I did call her a few years ago, although she was happy to hear from me, she is married and happy, she did not seem to have any interest in being friends again, she had my number and has never called

I have friends on Facebook that I know would love to go for coffee but know I’m struggling. They keep in touch.
I had a friend I lived in Banff with who moved back to Manitoba but she deleted me off Facebook. I was pretty sad about that.

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I’m sorry to hear that I too have had problems like that with former friends all I can say is just look for new friends

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