Do you meditate?

I’ve been reading a lot on awakening. So many ppl have told me to meditate. My mind has always been too loud but now it’s quieter. Might start the next week off with 5 mins of meditation and 5 min yoga each morning like my psychiatrist told me to do to see if I like it.


I tried it in the past but I had a very hard time “quieting” my mind. I find Yoga much easier as it’s physical and gives you a goal to work towards.

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I have but for me it seems to make things worse. I guess I’m not really committed enough.

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I did transcendental meditation for two or three years. I think it helped me with math. I was still in anguish, though. Meditation didn’t help that.

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Math lol. Never heard that. I thought it would help me accept my life, which in a way transcends you. But not in a powerful spiritual and totally divine transcendence type of way. But rather just being transcended because it’ll help me on sone truths I just read about

For example to let go of attachments to material things…

Does it help with acceptance :man_in_lotus_position:??

I meditate with the Balance app. However, I have been reading about how mindfulness meditation can make psychosis worse for schizophrenics.

Can you show me that article?

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I’ve been meditating for more than 10 years,
every day

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What is there but thought?

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Does it help you though

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In the past it helped much.
Now it just makes me have louder voices

Brahman, Zen, Buddha.
These i found

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