Do you match every symptom for any condition?

if so have you been diagnosed with that condition and if you haven’t do you believe you have it? i match all the symptoms for schizoid and sociopath except for one in sociopath and used to match all for manic depression, w/ that being said ive never been diagnosed and i didnt diagnose myself bc it is silly. have you diagnosed yourself before

Have you never been diagnosed with a mental illness?

No. I leave it up to the doctors to diagnose.

But it takes time as well for a diagnosis to become clear.


I always looked at dx as not as important as it seems. Sure, there are probably different classes of med’s that do best for different diagnosis, but none of that is written in stone. The diagnosis is just a starting place that will wander into different treatments as treatments progress.

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only depression and anxiety a really long time ago but i neverwent back after being diagnosed bc i was by then

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Do you have access to healthcare?

yes Preformatted text

I let the pdoc make the diagnosis, which is just a mark on paper anyway.

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No, i dont wear flamboyant or strange clothing, and i dont believe in anything spiritual, and i havent got any paranoia - all symptoms i should have when im schizotypal

yea i don’t diagnose myself. my pdoc and gp doc do that.

I recently told my therapist every symptom I’ve ever had and my life story. She can diagnose axis 1-5 here in America. I got a new primary and co morbid diagnoses. Not gonna say what they are. But I really resonate with them. It’s hard with a psychiatrist. They’re supposed to be more educated but therapists listen to you more and for longer. I’ve been doing serious work with my therapist lately

But it takes a while to comprehend and articulate right to your therapist or anyone.

Self diagnosing can lead you down a rabbit hole. Just let the doctors do the diagnosing and you work on dealing with the symptoms.

Its like when someones googles “i have a bump on my arm” first result : you have cancer. Lol

Or google “im not social or feel empathy” first result: take this sociopathy questionaire


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