Do you Masturbate? Is everything okay with you?

Now I’m okay. It’s true all these 35 years of life I was ill. Next January 19th I’ll turn 36 and I’m happy to say my illness is being treated/cured! Hence cured. You do know that there is no cure, not yet.

This is my cure ( treatment ) and it works like clockwork


As per what works for me…

May be Olanzaine gave me Depression, I don’t know. Some guy in forum said he got depression because of olanzapine.

I take 20 mg Selegiline for Depression every morning.
If you ever take more than 5 mg Selegiline then you must follow what to eat and what not to eat
or else blood pressure will spike upwards and can kill you.
Selegiline is very very good for brain, memory and to live for 100 years.

I take Olanzapine 20 mg every night for Schizophrenia
and it gives be awesome sleep time of 8 hours every night.
I’m not worried of weight gain, just eat less food and do some 1 hour or 2 hour walking/exercise.

Olanzapine seems to give me lots of negative symptoms and RAPE thoughts and RAPE voices, I don’t know the truth. In my Mother tongue/language LANZA means PROSTITUTE.

OLANZAPINE has these letters in the same order LANZA

Any way I use Risperidone 4 mg every night for negative symptoms. Risperidone is very very good for negative symptoms. Risperidone means increased chances of getting Type - II Diabetes but it’s okay. Type - II Diabetes is not a disease which is a popular myth. It’s a pack symptoms which can be taken care of. Many people including Doctors think and consider it as a disease but there are new and few doctors who think otherwise and also wrote some books on it, it being just symptoms which can be addressed. Risperidone also increase Prolactin casing some harmonal imbalance and decreased sexual activity. I just take it. I’m little worried about it but I must take it. Olanzapine alone is completely bad.

Risperidone + Olanzapine is 100 % good.

Risperdone alone is completely bad.

Olanzapine alone is completely bad.

So Risperidone 4 mg every night.

I take large doses of L-Theanine, and it’s awesome. I’m cool as cucumber because of this large doses.

I’m also taking Sarcosine 3 to 5 grams every day.

I’m also taking 100 mg B6 vitamin.

What do I take:
Simple info:

Selegiline 20 mg every morning for Depression and good brain health and increase span of life.

Olanzapine 20 mg every night for Paranoid type Schizophrenia. My blood group is O+ve. Gives me perfect sleep of 8 long hours.

Risperidone 4 mg for negative symptoms.

L-theanine 400 or more mg for Positive symptoms and great calming effect. Awesome relaxed brain

Sarcosine 3 to 5 grams for negative symptoms.

B6 for brain function. B6 is simply amazing.

So I take 6

(1). Selegiline 20 mg every morning.


(2). Olanzapine 20 mg every night

(3). Risperidone 4 mg every night.


(4). B6 100 mg every morning


(5). L-theanine more than 400 mg 3 times a day ( entire day )


(6). Sarcosine 3 to 5 grams entire day

I’m sorry, that quote is erroneus in a big way. I think it’s so obvious why I say that, that I don’t even have to explain myself or give examples.


■■■■ you for saying I’m a failure for ■■■■ I can’t even control. Way to make a lot of people feel like ■■■■.

Sure, I masturbate. I take it in spells, depending on how active I am at other things.

This thread is hilarious but also pretty sad- I’m so used to the sad part that it doesn’t really get to me- I just find the blunt phrasing of this topic to be ridiculous and so were my replies. “Do you masturbate? Is everything okay with you?” I mean god damn that is funny as ■■■■.

“Why yes I masturbated this afternoon while watching some classy girl on girl, everything is not okay. No I have schizophrenia and other disorders, that’s really not okay. I’m broke. There’s no way for me to fund my thesis experiment. I am quitting nicotine and withdrawals are intense. I am on winter break from school and I am bored. I haven’t had good sex in over a year. I applied to eight doctoral programs and won’t know what to do with my life if I don’t get in one of them. People stigmatize me, it’s what my thesis is about. I study psychology but I’m schizophrenic. I’m at the top of my class. I have done psychological testing and it said I am one IQ point away from officially a genius. I get bored really easily. I have a 3.9 GPA. My research is actually masters level but I’m an undergrad. But that’s no good if I can’t find 1000$ to fund my research. Meanwhile I have 37 dollars and no bank account or credit card. My parents, who I live with, live paycheck to paycheck. I go to school for free because I got a scholarship. It’s almost night time, and because I have chronic nightmares, I am not looking forward to it. Yes I masturbate and no everything is not okay.”

You did ask specifically everything

Dose of real world administered :syringe:


I’ve actually really cut down on masturbating lately

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According to meanings it’s not correct but, according to life being failure and the word good having synonyms and usage meanings it’s correct.

Good health can be knowledge that saves you

Good health can be your neighbor who saves you … etc

according to situation

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A first ranker gets first rank and a last ranker gets last rank and then parents and teachers punish the last ranker or give advice to the last ranker and I say…

I say…


~ butteredtoast


i do masturbate and its fine with me…
thats a man thing…
i want to cut down on masturbating…omg…enjoy… :banana:

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, but that makes no sense to me.

I just had to say something about seeing that stupid quote AGAIN. Jerk off.

Maybe you equate ill health with failure.
Or you have given up.
But there are plenty people here that fight for success and it’s not their fault they get sick.
And they are not gonna let that happen.

But if you give up before you’ve even tried, that is by definition = fail.


Take it a little easy on him, he’s got some grandeur going on. You know, part of the delusions. The irony is that he’s not really healthy. It’s sad.

But you’re right, I agree, just don’t “ad hominem” or attack him verbally- show what is wrong with his assertions, not him.

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Why are you mislead?
Failure is not our fault, it’s our duty to understand that failure is not you or me, it’s because of

so and so cause…

If the cause of failure is so and so then so and so ill/bad thing lead us to failure

If the cause of success/victory is so and so then so and so good thing lead us to victory/success

Health in games is a resource/a bar we see on screen… HEALTH doesn’t mean Life alone.

Health can also point towards a resource being full or being deficit from 100% value

ive been bating masters. one should not teach an apprentice all he knows. :smiley:

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lol there are such stories

A teacher taught his student everything

the student without gratitude challenged the teacher any way teacher did win that’s a childhood story

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in the movie series Star Wars, Darth Sideous is trained by Darth Plageus, and Darth Plageus taught darth sideous too much so darth sideous killed him in his sleep. Darth Sideous is known as “The Emperor” Darth Vader was his apprentice

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I watched all those movies but don’t remember any of it, all I remember is like an outline… If I watch again then I will have something similar to dejavu, hey I think I have seen this… so next this will happen…

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