Do you make cow pies or horse manure?

The difference in feces between cows and horses has got to mean something. I used to make cow pies. Now I make more formed horse manure. I think I would go back to making cow pies if I knew how. I use cows a lot and horses not at all, so I am more akin to cow pies. How about you?

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My aunt had a bronzed cow patty plaque for an ag achievement. Keep in mind that it was Texas lol.

Cow patties can be used for fires in addition to things like fertilizer. Surprisingly useful stuff.

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Cow pies for sure, they smell so much sweeter.

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My mission is to save the beauty in this moment for the ones that follow. I don’t have your bizarre fecal fixation.

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I KNEW this post was chordys LOL love you chordy

And I don’t have your biting sense of humor.