Do you look after your own money

Back in 2016 I had a capacity assessment done by a psychologist and he said when I’m unwell I lacked capacity to manage my finances and with me wanting to run away and live in India social services went to court and had my social security benefits taken off me and paid to them, so give me an allowance. I think it has some good and bad things about it. The good things are that is easier to be awarded benefits, bad things I have to ask permission to buy anything.

Do you look after you own money or do other people help you with it. How would you feel if you had your money controlled for you or would it help you better?


I manage my own finances. Probably not very well mind you but I do it on my own.

I had some people so called managing my money for me at one time. And they were robbing me blind along with a whole lot of other people. I never did find out by how much. Any way I would never let anyone touch my money ever again now.

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I mainly manage my own money but there are safety nets in place just in case I become destabilized again.

When I was approved for ssdi in 2013 a condition to receiving payments was I needed someone else to manage my money.

I am in the process of removing the payee from my ssdi checks. I’m expecting my first check to be deposited into my account next month.

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I manage my own money and I’m on a pension. I worry out here that they’ll legislate where I can spend my money which they are threatening in some communities over here. They issue like a debit card you can only spend in certain places…so you can’t buy booze or gamble. It’s pretty stupid but they’ll try anything these days!

I manage my own money when I have it.

Some of my alters should not be trusted with a credit card though :upside_down_face:

I would welcome a debit card system out here. It would keep down substance abuse problems with the MI.

I also think there should be random drug screenings in order to collect any social services/food stamps. This would never happen though…

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