Do you live in a low altitude near to ocean or sea?

I am concerned to go move house from one seaside city to a smaller seaside town
the water levels are rising

i suppose this is every person in the world’s concern
It will be a metre in sea level rise before 2100
that even puts my husbands place of work at risk

if we move to a more inland place - if we have space for refugees we would be in a better position
my husband is head in the sand on this one and i am alarmist (a little)

how do you feel about this?

Currently sitting at 785 m (2,575 ft). Guessing I’m pretty safe.


I’m at 305’ elevation. Doesn’t bother me by 2100 I’ll be dead

I’m not near the sea. It would have to be a humongously big wave to get me.

I don’t live on the ocean but not far from it. We get hurricanes here but in 2016 we had just a lot of rain and a bad flood. The house I just bought flooded then. Got about 13 inches so it’s been totally redone.

I bought flood insurance. The altitude at the airport is 70 feet. I live an hour from New Orleans and it is below sea level. Every one is familiar with Katrina in 2005. A whole bunch of people from New Orleans moved here then. The traffic is now horrible.

I live in Baton Rouge on the Mississippi River. It’s the worlds second largest inland port. Second only to New Orleans.

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A quarter of my country is below sealevel and its small with sea and rivers everywhere. I think my city is around sealevel and would flood with a meter raise of the sea (as would a big part of my country). Ive lived with this always and hope my government builds new water works and dykes in time, but i dont really ever think about it. I trust them to be organized enough to take care of this.

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I live not far from the Oregon coast. Florence, Oregon is a frequent destination during the summer months for me. I have not yet seen any evidence that the sea level is rising just based upon how far high tide rises on the beaches of Florence, Oregon.

I think we need to keep in mind that climate change has always happened on this planet, and most of the time it has nothing to do with humans. We have a very different climate now than what the dinosaurs had. I don’t think we will have any better luck stopping the climate from changing than the dinosaurs did. Looking at the billions of animals that have gone extinct in Earth’s past, it is illogical to think that we will not eventually go extinct as well. It is best to not worry about it, and instead try to enjoy your life while you still have it.

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