Do you listen to what the voices tell you?

Does any one listen to the commands the voices tell you to do?

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Do you see a therapist @Jesse25 ?

Naw they want me to stabilize first

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Seeing a therapist is part of the stabilization process. All these questions are for a therapist. We’re all sick here so we cant give you proper answers.

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So any one? 1515

You should never listen to the commands the voices give you. Period.

No, I don’t listen to the commands. If I did I’d be dead or in prison.

Used to and it made me very sick. I got better when I started ignoring them as the useless background noise that they are. The only power the voices have over you is the power you give them, so don’t give them any. Keep busy with something that distracts you from them and claim your life back.

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