Do you like your psychiatrist?

I personally like my current psychiatrist. They are respectful, seem competent, and communicate well.

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NO. I hate her. I am seeing a new psychiatrist on the 22nd. What meds do you take @Daimon?

I love my psychitrist just not the price

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I never see psychiatrists really, have seen one in over a 2 years period which was recent and thats because I made the appointment. I’m not complaining, they are against my main goal. And thats to somehow get off these meds.

I think people will be more appreciative of psychiatry and meds once drugs like ITI-007 come out that have virtually no side effects. No more torture associated with it.

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My psychiatrist is OK - She doesn’t over prescribe.

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I see my psychiatrist once a month for around ten minutes. As far as that goes I like him. I might not like him if he did something like try to put me on a typical anti-psychotic.

You will see these new drugs offer low amounts of hope. ITI-007 from what I remember isn’t much different from what’s on the market. My psychiatist thought abilify was the better of most drugs because it did the opposite on your D2 dopamine, I’m sure what these experts know it wouldn’t be hard to pull off. That’s a red flag for complete recovery keeping a part of the brain unstable.

But why have a problem with taking a drug that is just as effective as what we have, yet has virtually no side effects?

They bring out every drug with the same claim

That doesn’t seem to be the case for Vraylar in its phase 2 and 3 trials. They can claim that, but if you look at the numbers that is not the case. However, if you look at the details and not just the hype or what is claimed by the company, ITI-007 looks very promising when it comes to side effects.

I have come to the conclusion that doctors’ minds are different. They are programmed to forget whereas we are programmed to remember.

i only see her in an emergency :ambulance: …:grin:…she seems nice .
and she is ’ free '… :snail:
take care :alien: