Do you like warm summer nights

I like warm summer nights a lot. Do you hear crickets at nights? We do not have crickets.


There’s a duck pond about 50 yards from my back door. I get a symphony of crickets, frogs and coyotes almost every night. I like to leave the back door wide open, turn off the TV and just listen to the sweet music


I don’t hear anything but traffic when I’m out on my balcony. I hear nothing when I’m indoors in my apartment. I live in Midtown in the middle of a fairly large city.

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Yes at my cottage

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pThat is one thing I miss living in the south
Yes. I’ve seen lightening bugs all of my life. And sounds of cicadas in the trees called dry flies by some.
That’s a memory of my mother’s death. A white hearse drove up in the yard. creatures were out.


I used to hear crickets loudly at night when I first became psychotic. Unfortunately in my college town I was the only one who heard them. I had to stop smoking weed first and foremost. Now that I feel better I can enjoy the sound of crickets again.

Speaking of wildlife, look what was peering into my window this morning. I have photographic proof!


Out of curiosity, what’s a warm summer night temperature where you live @mjseu?

I live for warm summer’s nights

Yes I love it. I live in the country and when it’s a warm summer night I can hear the birds chirping as I fall asleep.

Yes they are great. I like to go for walks and runs at night even though that is dangerous. It is usually about 70 during the night in Minnesota.

I would say +15 to +20 C, often it is above +20 C and sometimes in July it is +25 C or above and then it is called Tropical Nights.

The only thing I don’t like about a warm summer’s night, is that it’s hard for me to sleep in the heat. The A/C has to be on for me, lol. But other than that, warm nights are fine

Awww what a little cutie bunny rabbit! If I had this photo, I’d cherish it forever.

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No, I prefer cold winter nights - much nicer to sleep all snuggly than sweat under a sheet!

Winter is coming here down south. Excited! :smiley:

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Are the crickets chirping as I smash the one by one life with these noisy Beast when they’re in the house is no fun yes I like summer nights the Moonlight shining on the bay but I’d rather not get a cricket my ear while I’m sleeping away

If the a/c is on.

I like cool fall nights.

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