Do you like the unicorn?

Trying to find a new avatar that I like as much as the orange. What do you think about the orange unicorn?


I love unicorns :heart_eyes:

Love the flaming unicorn! :heart_eyes_cat:

are you also @Anxiety_Orange orange?

No @daydreamer I am not.

ok, sorry i was getting you mixed up but i love the unicorn as well :slight_smile:

:heart_eyes_cat: Do I! :heart_eyes_cat:

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the big question is does the unicorn like me ?
where does the unicorn live ?
what does the unicorn eat ?
what is the unicorns favorite colour ?
please send answers to my :rocket: spaceship…thank you. :heart:
i am going now
see you later
bye bye
okay, i am really going now :oncoming_police_car:
take care :alien:


It’s… Beautiful! :sparkles:

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In the interest of world domination, I muat suggest this one for some point in your future


Yes I like the unicorn.

Honestly no, I much prefer the orange. You know, the fruit.

“Look pal, you mess with the bull, you get the horns”.
The Breakfast Club", 1985

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