Do you like the statement "You are what you eat."?

I don’t. Next thing they’ll try to tell us is that we are what we shitt.

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Yea it is a good statement

And our ■■■■ tells us a lot about us too


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It has to do with the quality of food you eat. Fresh fruit and veggies, living foods, will make you lively. Dead, processed foods will make you feel lethargic.


No, I don’t believe in that though…but some foods can make you gain weight more than others.

In my case I am what I drink. My weight has gone up considerably over the last year drinking alcohol.


Ooo. That’s not good when you’re on ap’s.

Yay! I’m a chocolate bar!


The molecules in what you eat makes up your physical body, powers it and helps it do what it does. It really pays to eat the things your body wants.


I guess I’m a weiner.

Im salted roasted peanuts

People say I’m a walking hemorrhoid… Bon appetite? :worried:

I think it’s silly. Why would anybody want to be a carrot?

The statement only makes sense if you’re a cannibal.

Obligatory from me here in Wisconsin where we sell shirts that say this at tourist areas…

“Welcome to Wisconsin we eat people.”

Although Ed Gein didn’t eat anybody, but we’ve got several famous serial killers, and they sell out every year at the campsite stores, lol.

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