Do you like the so called Pop-ups?

I do not mean ads… :confused:

I mean the negative thoughts and flashbacks dating 1950s when I was 14-22 when I had my psychosis, I have few ugly completely random memories of some stupid stuff. During the day, these images pop up in my head and irritate me.

How much of this is considered normal? Maybe I should work on the reaction instead of what actually happened so I do not get angry and annoyed anymore. :confused:

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1990s, you mean? As I don’t think you’re in your 70s yet?

And I hate them. I have this recurring flashback to an unintentionally rude, racist thing I did when I was 11. My mind likes to trot that out regularly to make me cringe and feel terrible about myself. It’s the worst.

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Some things you can’t control. That means symptoms and other people to that do stupid stuff. So you just have to handle yourself and how you react to all the stuff

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I was trying to be discreet :smile:

Yeah I mean for me esp stuff during the psychosis and before that a few years. I mean all humans have memories like these, but they should not bother us. That is the difference I think. My friend tells me you should not care for this stuff.

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I get these painful memories and i try to laff at them :expressionless:

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Easy to say, difficult to do! I hope someday you can get to the point where you can laugh at those memories. It’s the best way to defuse them.