Do you like the name William?

I think I do. It was my grandads name, now mine. I’m named after him.

It’s a fine name.

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William is a fine name
People can call you Will or Bill for short if you wish… :smile:

Yes, especially if it is followed by Shatner.



It’s a really nice name. Where there is a will there is a way.

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I’m William - the best name going! I believe going that I’m a Billy, really .

My first bf was named William, we all called him billy

We saw William Shatner in March. I think I posted about it in the Say Anything thread. He looked 20-30 years younger. He walked and talked very well.

He did a talk and Q&A before the Star Trek II movie was played. My husband took a picture with him too. The show was sold out.

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Yeah i think William is a nice name. Very English.

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