Do you like the beach or the mountains

I prefer the beach, but I like the mountains as well.


I live on the coast in California,

I have both and prefer it that way.


I would rather be on a beach than a mountain. Been four wheeling in the mountains and darn near fell off into a steep ravine.


I miss that!!

Though I actually prefer the beach. I just like the mountains in the background.

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I prefer the beach… but I’m always saying I’m going to run away to the mountains far away from everything and everyone

We have the beach and hills. They’re not quite mountains, but nice to walk on. You can see for miles


the beach for every day walks and the mountains on holiday

thank God i can have both at some point

The beach any day.

Mountains freak me out.

The loose stones along the way

The cliff parts

The height

I much prefer the beach

I live in the U.S. MidWest plains and I have neither.

The beach and the ocean is scary to me as I almost drowned in the California Pacific ocean as a child.

The mountains are scary too as I was always afraid of my dad driving over a cliff as we circled around and around the mountains of Mexico on our way to Mexico City.

I have both here.
I like both

I love both but would prefer to be by the ocean when we vacation.

I no longer hike or ski so vacationing in the mountains would be limited.

Besides, bodies of water like the sea have healing qualities.

i like both =D but don’t have neither here at my place. Have to travel a bit to get to see any of them.

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I actually prefer mountains. I really like the Pyrenees. Beaches are often crowded here. Just too many people.

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