Do you like team hobbies or one person hobbies

All of my hobbies are one person hobbies, no other persons involved. I do not really like team hobbies such as team sports.


Everything I do is alone, so hobbies at home, not much for group or team stuff. I’m a known flight risk when it comes to new things though lol

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Do they have quilting shows in Finland? Quilting is mostly a single person activity, it can have some group components, but mostly a lone quilter working.

Before I was ill I liked doing everything alone but now it’s so much better with people because I don’t hear the annoying voices

I typically prefer doing solitary activities, though hobbies involving multiple people aren’t so bad.

I am very much a one person hobby type, although the genealogy I dabble in does require some interaction albeit not on a face to face basis.
I was never into team sports as I was useless at sports.

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I like to have people around me while I work I seem to be much different. When I work I love have someone helping me finish the chores and it makes it even faster than just dragging on alone. I’m not very good at team sports though.

I prefer one person sports/hobby but I like the social part of meeting and talking with other people with the same interest.
A pic of my last modelairplane:

It’s a Vampire F3B. Hoping to buy a newer airframe in the future.


I like hobbies to do with just one or two others.

Why is this person above flagged? I didnt see any harm in what he said?

I think it depends on what you define as one person hobbies. For example I’m into genealogy(conventional and the DNA aspect) . There’s no face to face interaction involved ,but it does involve some online interaction with others.

I’m trying to get into basketball again. Would like to play on a team.

I just want to record and make muuuuuuuuuuuuuuusic !!!