Do you like honey

I like honey, I just had some.


I love honey. :blush:

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You’ve made me want honey. They were predicting that the price of honey would sky rocket, but I’ve been noticing honey having a very modest price in the grocery stores. They also predicted the price of both milk and chocolate would sky rocket, but it hasn’t happened yet. The price of milk has actually gone down. I know, because I buy a lot of milk.

Not really
I like honey nut crunchy cornflakes or Shreaded wheat

Honey price has remained the same in the past two years, milk prices have fallen, just less than 0.8 euros a liter of milk.

We live far away from each other, so prices may vary, but this thing seems to be universal.

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I bought honey at a garage sale in my hometown that was made locally, it’s
supposed to help with allergies if you eat a tsp a day.
Don’t know if really helped my allergies, but it made my taste buds happy!

We have amish close they keep bees very good stuff.

I don’t like honey all that much, to be honest. :mask: I mean, it tastes okay, but it tastes a little too sweet for me.

Honey and peanut butter on soft wheat bread…Haven’t had that since my son was little, but love it! :yum:

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I like honey on pancakes. But it’s difficult to fit that into a calorie controlled diet , which is what I’m on right now.

I like honey, but I can’t digest it, so I can’t eat it without getting an upset stomach. :disappointed:

I put honey, dark chocolate almond milk and protein powder in my coffee…and now sarcosine as well, it’s a good combo

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