Do you like cold or warm climates

  • Do you like warm climates
  • Do you like cold climates

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I like cold cause no bugs

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I chose warm. I think you are right. I thing warmer places are more buggy.

I think a places with a lot of humidity and rain are the buggiest.

Never been, but I was told there are super roaches half as big as a persons hand in some parts of Floridia (usa). The guy said they just come out of the strreet drains at dusk and hang out on the side walks.

I would never want to live there.

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I’m phobic of roaches oh gods why??? That’s so gross oh my god I hate bugs. What the ■■■■. I already couldn’t sleep. :nauseated_face: :sob:

You brought up bugs? I hate them too. was just making conversation. A lot of people dont like them, but have no problem just typing or speaking about them.

Sorry this bothered you so much, but you need to cut me a break here. I am not a mind reader


Sorry I’m just really messed up tonight

Used to enjoy the cold until I started getting arthritis. Now looking at retiring in a warm country with low taxes!

I like cold winters and warm summers…

Cold. :snowflake:

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I like warm climates.

I live in Florida, and the average high in January (our ‘coldest’ month) is 70 F.

I :heart: the snow and :-1: the heat.

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The heat is the woooooorst. But so is extreme cold. I like moderate, but prefer rain jackets to sunshine.

i love cold but in Athens where l live its very rare to have cold.
i like the summer warm .
Truth is i dont like much the heat.


I love dressing up with warm clothes it feels so snug and warm mmmhh

i love cold weathers
i am in pretty neutral weather not cold not hot
so i am somewhat satisfied

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I like cold weather better. It’s easy to put on more clothes to get warm but when hot it is impossible to take off too much clothes and cool off. Plus I hate sweating bcuz it makes me smell bad.

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As I’m getting older, I’m not into colder climates as much.
I prefer neutral places.

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I think I like Georgia weather. 40’s 50’s in the winter, hot summers.

I used to work a job on a golf course and I was comfortable wearing a fleece sweatshirt in up to 90 degree weather. my body just feels better in the warm. cold is deadly. but yes there are fewer bugs.

I like colder climates, I don’t like sweating.

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I prefer warm tropical climates over anything, such as South Florida, everything is green there I love it.