Do you like city parks

I like to sit on benches in our city parks. It is nice to watch birds and other life. Do you like city parks?


I live in the suburbs and it seems like most city parks here are more playgrounds and sports fields for youth sports. They arent necessarily a nice place to sit since they are noisy and not necessarily well-maintained.


Went to the dog park this morning before it got too hot.


I live at my city park during the summer which has a decent sized lake where I play with my remote control sailboat and I either bring my didgeridoo or Native American flute and sit under a tree and play.

Also it has a nice pavillion where I can smoke my pipes or cigars. I like to people watch sometimes too.


The city parks we have here have changed over the years our main Park called Carrie house has a golf course a petting zoo Trails you can walk on marriage gazebos baseball and soccer fields when I was young my stepfather was Lotus up in the car Honest Kids would play on the playground or he drank his beer and smoked a cigarette now the laws have changed and there is no beer allowed the park is closed after 12 and you cannot smoke there anyting although there are wonderful things you can do at the park it houses two ponds fishing is permitted as always thank you for your time


We have nine different city parks with benches. These parks are not very big but comfortable. There is a certain harmony while sitting on benches and watching people, traffic, birds and other life. It is somehow calming.


I love the parks around where I live. There’s a pretty massive park a somewhat short drive away. It has a big pond, tons of massive trees, lots of walkways and sidewalks, plenty of picnic tables, an aviary, a pool, tennis courts, horseshoe games, other park games for adults, some carnival type rides for kids, several large and very creative playgrounds for kids, lots of benches and places to sit, etc…

There are joggers, skateboarders, rollerskaters, bikers, people with dogs, people playing Pokemon Go… Just lots of different people.

We met some new friends at that park, 2 years ago. They were playing Pokemon Go, like us! We’ve been friends with them ever since. Sometimes we meet up to do special Pokemon trades.


Yes, it nice to have a sitdown and just observe instead of be in a hurry all the time.

i love nature, lots of greens, lots of air, lots of animals, insects, sea animals, i like the beach. here where i live there is a local jungle animal called sarue which can take up to 30 venemous snakes’ bytes and not die. it is used to develop vaccines.

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