Do you like cartoons


does anyone like cartoons?

when i was younger i never saw the humour of tom and jerry but now everytime i see it i laugh my head off

so today i saw a dvd of some really good tom and jerry cartoons so i bought it for £3 figuring that it might help me fight of the blues sometime,

and i have been thinking about watching it all day and i would have if sweep hadnt put monsters univerity on but that was pretty good anyway,

i dont normally watch tv but sometimes its unavoidable and sometimes you can find a little jewel that could cheer you up when you are down :slight_smile:


I love cartoons! Esp 90’s cartoons.




Looney tunes! I used to watch old looney tunes like every day this one year


I could tolerate violence in cartoons but not when the figures are real. Now, I just find violence boring.


I watch a lot of Family Guy, American Dad, and Futurama. There is so much stupid crap on TV I’d rather just watch the same cartoons over and over.


Jeez, ain’t that the truth. Most shows on the 4 major networks are regurgitated crap.



Yes, I like cartoons. Spongebob Squarepants! Ha! Ha! And Goofy :smile:


I also watched Popeye religiously.


I do like some cartoons and there are some new ones I watch on line that I really like as well.

Bob’s Burgers.

But I was always all about the Muppets.

Mahna Mahna :smiley:

I was also addicted to the show Wishbone…
Cute little dog and books. What could be better?