Do you like art exhibitions

This year has been different, I have visited six art exhibitions locally in this summer, it is nice to see different paintings. We have a book recycling area where people can bring their extra books and others can get these freely. Today, I got one book ‘Rembrandt’ (Emmanuel Starcky), it looks quite nice, published in 1990 and it has many art works of Rembrandt.


Post some pics mj…art exhibition is always good…!!!

Love art exhibitions, especially when they’re mine.


Can not post pics, but here is a good web page …

Can I see your art Pixel?

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Wow those are nice arts …!!!

Not easily. I refuse to post images without watermarks because of problems with image theft, which means I can’t post them here because they go back to my real world identity, which I’m not sharing here.


I studied Art History at Uni and did a Masters in the subject so I would say yes, very much so…