Do you like/agree on the populistic overview/angle?

So yeah, populism kinda means that most of us out there, share the most of the common values and ideologies etc. It kinda means that these values make the sense to most of us.

Do you like the most about populistic values?
  • Yes, most of the populistic stuff makes sense.
  • No, I’m an outsider and don’t like the populism.

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Unfortunately this is going to get shot down because of the politics ban. I voted against populism anyway.

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Populism has nothing to do with the politics.

It’s popular to be apolitical, and even the political types are obsessed with identity politics. They are completely ignorant of economic matters for the most part.

Populism in the society can be scientific too and not political at all.

Politics relate to the public affairs of a country. Not necessarily policy making alone.

I wasn’t in the popular crowd in school. I kinda drifted wherever didn’t stick to one group of friends.

I need more details. What do you mean by populism?