Do you like acting?


I really enjoy acting. That’s probably why I worked with animation. I’m exploring this interest because maybe I’ll work with it. I remember when I did some voice acting for a college’s animation and it was fun. My colleagues found my animation funny (despite being weird, lol) as well.

I just bought some Stanislavsky’s books and I really enjoy Meisner’s techniques. Despite being in doubt about my passion, art always fulfills my soul. I love it!

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I’m theatrical when hypomanic, holy cow!

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I don’t act but my mom was on an episode of Investigation Discovery and played a mean ex girlfriend. She’s also been on some commercials, one for verizon where Chris Hardwick called her up on stage and had her react to the voice activated controls on their cable. She’s also been on a persona weight loss commercial where they digitally made her fat for the before photo.

Very happy for her every time she gets a good gig. She also was given a year supply of vitamin B12 (i think?) shots from the company.

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Congratulations for your mom! She must be working hard!

I still want to just try acting and see if it’s my thing. Most theaters classes here in Brazil are closed during Christmas, but I want to take some classes in January or February.

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I’m told that I am a great actress. An especially good comedic actress. I play the straight man (woman).



Acting was one of my biggest passions before my illness became unmanageable. I loved acting. I would always get the main roles with the most lines because I loved to challenge myself. And it was one of the few things I did that I felt I did better then pretty much everyone else. I haven’t felt that way since. I miss that feeling. Of knowing there’s something you’re incredibly good at.

My anxiety is so bad now I couldn’t imagine doing it. But i have hope maybe one day I could get back into it. Acting reminds me of simpler times, when I was young and promising. It makes me sad to be honest.

It started with an obsession with Shakespeare. I started memorize sonnets and monologues around the age of 8. I still have them memorized.

Once I won a talent competition by reciting my favourite monologue from the taming of the shrew.

Now I’m depressed.


I admire people who can act. Personally, i’m far too self-conscious to act. Getting up in front of a whole bunch of people makes me feel very nervous.

Is there are way you can cultivate your passion? Are you going to join an acting group?


Never tried it I don’t think I’d be good at it


I was told that I am a very good comedic actress, believe it or not. I play the straight “man” in comedies. In other words, I’m so serious that I’m funny. One person even described me as a “great actress”. I never pursued that line of work though. Never had any interest.


My mom does it, and she told her sister about it, and now her sister’s 5 kids are all in acting, one of them got chosen to ask some red carpet questions to the Backstreet Boys and an actor whose name I can’t remember. They are all acting and they love it.

I only got to act once, as a person in zombie makeup acting as a zombie, but it wasn’t filmed but rather a publicity stunt to make sure dish network didn’t remove amc from their package as they were planning to do.

Wish I had the acting experience they have. I’m a better writer than anything else though.

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