Do you learn from reading?

I have spoken to people who were very negative about reading stating that writing something to someone cannot have the same effect as speaking to them. That they read and say “That’s very interesting.” but are not moved by it. Just want to know if you were ever moved by mere writing. Actually, I find myself quoting things I’ve read on this forum quite often so I would tend to disagree with the people who say writing is not effective.


I learn a lot more from reading than from the spoken word, at least in my classes. I study the notes, and read the material over and over again, so I can actually remember some of it. I suppose if someone was talking directly to me, I might have a better chance of actually remembering it. But I think that written words are powerful, or at least they can be.

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i learnt that there was good in humanity from books, i did not see this in my family for they were evil, so i learnt about life from books.
the first book i read was ’ robin hood ', from this book i learnt wisdom, patience, thought fullness , bravery, to give but not recieve.
i survived my childhood and teenage years because books taught me that there were better , kinder people in the world, than i was experiencing.
take care


Yes, all the time. probably moreso than by people speaking. It takes a special person to speak something and it hold my attention. I just watched a nearly 2 hour video of such a person, which is very rare for me.
I read the Bible and numerous books and websites about various spirituality, I’ve read almost all of Tolkiens books. I even get inspired by emails at times, quite a lot of times actually, and forum posts.
The thing with the written word is it is there, set in print, wheras if someone tells you something you may forget the exact wording, and if you haven’t written it down may not be able to remember it to repeat it exactly word for word…
With writing you can always go back to it. If you have read hundreds of things or thousands as I have you might have a task remembering what book, website or email to go to, but it will be there.
I emailed with one person over 20,000 emails in 18 months, and at times I need to enter a key word and search for a specific mail I want to find a saying or link or photo in, but I usually find it.

Some people are just not reading oriented. either they can’t read very well, or may be dyslexic which gives reading comprehension problems, or maybe some other reasons…

Reading moves me all the time. I love books, I collect them and I love reading them.

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