Do you lack a sense of smell?

I have this issue and it seems to co-occur with affective blunting, so the worse affective blunting the more lack of a sense of smell and generally I have a complete or almost complete lack of sense of smell.
Like with emotions I can also have a short range of it, such that I can smell 1 thing that is not obvious but oddly not smell many things that should be obvious due to their strong smell (urine, various foul smelling herbs, human sweat, perfumes, etc.).
Things that improve my range of emotions don’t necessarily improve my sense of smell.

This seems to be linked to schizo type disorders, especially schizophrenia.

Have you found a medication that improves your sense of smell?


I was always thinking its a strange symptom but I have it too… I really lack the sense of smell per moments. but in some other moments, I feel the smells more that they are in reality. my mother is thinking that all this comes frome the meds but I guess its my illness yes.
idk, now ive started Seroquel along with Zyprexa to get more emotional, to manage my paranoia too… Zyprexa is not working on my emotions I find… Seroquel is reputated to be more antidepressive so maybe it can help more :slight_smile:

Yes I also found that like with emotions I can have it very rarely where I get a full range for a short moment where I can smell everything from flowers to perfume to my own sweat, pretty much every and anything that has a smell. And then a few minutes or hour later it goes away completely.

yeah, it should be almost the same thing for me. but in my case, Its more rare that I feel smells. I find that most of the time I dont feel them. you think its linked with our emotions?

It seems there may be an association between sense of smell and emotions:

I used to have a very strong sense of smell. However, I lost it almost completely in 2014. This might have been related to SZ, I think.

Now, 2 or 3 years later my sense of smell has recovered naturally but only partially. I miss my former sense of smell every day!

I have not found a medicine for this.