Do you know your cultures way of life?


My local culture involves watching hockey and driving oversized pickup trucks.

@#$% that sh!+.


My local culture involves eating fries and not having a strong sense of identity,


“The Netherlands is a liberal country with a progressive outlook, and Dutch people are characteristically straightforward, pragmatic, and tolerant. Many Dutch attitudes, values, and beliefs appear to stem from Calvinism, a major branch of Protestantism, which dates back to the 16th century. While religious teachings might have shaped the nation’s morals and way of life, the Netherlands as we know it today is one of the most secular countries in Western Europe.” (says an American website)

I think there’s a huge cultural difference with the USA.

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Evolutionary Brains will never fall :crazy_face:

We have a good culture, but due to some bad influences and ideas,

civilization collapse.

Your government and people work together in more harmony than in the US.


American culture is diverse since there are a lot of ethnicities and races who developed their own culture here in America. But there is a pattern of generosity and altruism in each culture here in America; as other cultures around the world. I sense that being in a melting pot we have sub cultures of each ethnic and racial group.

I am wrong, here is a video I found :rofl:




I was born and raised Jewish. Although I’m an agnostic, I still celebrate my culture and it’s traditions.

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That’s the biggest load of sh!t I’ve ever read. What a joke.

Well that’s a load of bull crap. And I hate when articles generalize. Not good.


tea drinking and politeness.

How would you describe the American way of life?

My culture involves being a community. There are chiefs who uphold the community and are generally the ones who are involved in making decisions for the community. It’s similar to medicine where you have chiefs who are your superiors. Medicine most often requires team work too.


What culture do you come from, if I may ask?

What culture or country are you from @Rosette ?

I see Americans as the people of trends, pop culture and influencers. I think it’s known for having a lot of openness towards other cultures in general. Yes it was founded on racism and slavery but at least knowledge has made Americans more understanding. Hopefully when racism has been defeated more people would love Americans a bit more. I like the medical community in America. I think they are the best.


I come from an Asian culture but raised abroad so it’s kind of a mix.

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