Do you know your back?

My back goes numb and it affects my posture and breathing and general good feeling. I think I can wake it up just by noticing it. I also have a tense face.

I have scoliosis. My butt goes numb a lot. Can’t control it, though.

Have you ever tried yoga? It’s supposed to make your back feel excellent. The kind I tried was Iyengar.

Pilates, is good

No, I’ve never tried yoga. I’m in a small town and it’s not available.

What’s Pilates?

Pilates is a little like yoga involving lots stretching

I used to work out when I was manic but then joined soccer and basketball when I continued high school. I also went to the gym every week and my mother took me there. I miss being in great shape but it’s still winter so I have an excuse ha.

I had a good yoga class. I had a couple of things - minor things- happen with my body that I’d never experienced before.

I’ve got a giant belly, and it puts strain on my back. I could stand to lose about seventy pounds.

I was dx’d with scoliosis in grade school. Never had a dr for it, so it must not be to bad, although I was always doing gymnastics.
I fell out of a tree at rooftop level when a branch broke tring to get a cat down when I was 10 years old. bruised my back pretty good. Had plenty of trouble since,
Stretching out really makes a big difference.

My dad’s favorite saying about jerks in general was, “He doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground”.

I wonder what causes numbness - probably tension.

Bulging discs…
pinched nerves…