Do you know what very addictive

Eating sunflower seeds


Yuck! 1515151515151515


I like sunflower seeds but that’s not my addiction my addiction is sugar

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Sunflower seeds are a good little snack. They are yummy too.

Reminds me of the baseball guys.

How long do we have to wait?

But heck the Vikings won today!

Take that all you announcers. Ha

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I agree. I think that’s why companies like McDonald’s started putting them on their buns.

@everhopeful those are sesame seeds

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I prefer an everything bagel toasted with veggie cream cheese.

That’s my addiction not good for the teeth though.

Oh yeah ! Lol. :joy: I was thinking of sesame seeds. I found those quite addictive when I tried them.

@everhopeful they are pretty good

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My Dad always ate sunflower seeds when I was growing up. How do you get the seed out of the pod? So difficult for me.

@anon97859349 stand them on their side between your teeth crush until you hear a crack or feel it give slightly use your tongue to open it and scoop it out with your tongue spit out the pod


oh yeah, i need to go get some.

I mix up sesame seeds with my sunflower seeds

its the only way the ssesame seeds taste palatable enough!

Retro video games are also very addictive.

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So are cigarettes. That’s the only addiction I have ever had.

Beef jerky. I will do whatever you want if you gave me some teriyaki beef jerky.

Sugar,coke,Mountain Dew.They are very addicting to me…

I have a Taco John’s potato oles with 5x the seasoning on them addiction. I get it once a month, but I have never been able to recreate it myself at home. Sometimes if I have shredded 4 cheese mexican cheese blend in the fridge I’ll throw that on and melt on a plate, then take a fork a gorge on that. That’ll keep me full for 2 days.

My addiction is food in general.