Do you know what it means to die because of psychotic episodes?

Good evening, hope you are all doing well and healthy

I have experienced many times the feeling that I am dying the next second, that I am gonna die and nothing is gonna stop that (thanks to psychotic episodes)
And I would like to know if anyone of you has had a similiar experience. If you know what it means to die, too and how you experienced it

Please have a pleasant day

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

I knew what death meant when I took too much LSD and met the devil

I literally died and was resuscitated in the hospital once, psychosis was worse. But the impending doom feeling I got a lot the first couple years of sz.

yeah experienced extreme fear of death for others. I went ballistic when anyone tried to go in my brothers room I thought they would be killed from evil presences. That is when I knew what death was.

I woke up once in the street behind a bunch of trash barrels, hidden in the view face flat on the ground drooling… remember confused for I didn’t remember a thing… just blankness of time. I guess Maybe being dead is just blank nothingness


During my psychosis I was told I would die a horrible death, which was to boil from the inside out, then go to hell and die an infinite number of horrible deaths.

I was in a small room in the hospital with just my dad there and a policewoman keeping guard.

The voice was talking to me non stop through the ventilator like darth vader and I was getting tactile hallucinations of bubbling under my skin.

They had made the handcuffs too tight and it was painful. But they would not loosen it as I had previously bitten the policewoman.

I had a second experience too but its long.

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