Do you know what is happening in the world

I do not, please do not tell, I have not watched the TV news in the past six month or more, I do not really read the news, I do not want pollute my mind with all the negative news the world has nowadays, well I live so far from the world’s critical places and so I do not care.


My only wish is that there will be cure for sZ. I some time watch local tv and news…

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I learned something in America, back in 1996 (20 years ago), one famous American reporter told that 10 % of the news is reliable and I added a little, 10 % of these reliable news is relevant and so why should I try to find that 1% that is meaningful, I do not … well I learned something in America :smile:

I wach the news only and it is full of isis.

I learned a new Latin word recently … liberare eos … set them free, or to deliver them; depending what language you use …

News are mostly trash made to sell more copies & get more advertising revenue.

A lot of news are negative and not good for our mind, I can not say that I am any expert in any Bible matters although I have many Bibles and New Testaments, but one thing I have learned, we should not pollute our mind, our soul and our body, this is what Jesus taught, I perceive that all these negative news are just polluting our mind unfortunately, people pollute their bodies and souls in many ways too.