Do you know what I know?

Answer is NO

so move on…


OK will do! 1515

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Why do you ignore everyone’s wishes for you t o keep these in your thread?


I am outlawed really since i was 13

Keep it to your thread Pedro.

And about the meme,

You have to have MONEY to pursue your passions.

It makes no sense.

Also spiritual callings don’t pay.

Work does.


Thank God I have noting against anyone in life

Because i understand @Moon and @Charles_Foster

I sincerely doubt that.

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U don’'t know me @Pandy

Right. But you know everyone else. I forgot how it works.


My good will spreads weather u like it or not

Sure. Ok.


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I don’t believe in god. But knock yourself out and ask him, if that’s your delusional belief.

everlasting life

I like

Good for you.

Personally, I’d rather make something of my life here.

@san_pedro please keep your memes to your thread. Many people here, including myself could not care less about your cheesy quotes. Keep. Them. To. Your. Thread


@san_pedro , I’m starting to get a little irritated with your constant flaunting of our rules against religious posts and your total disregard of our requests to keep your memes in your meme thread. You violate our rules against religion and spam constantly without consequence. As far as religion goes, the guidelines state that you should not even share your belief or lack of belief. And your constant posting of memes as a topic almost everyone views as spam. We get constant complaints and flags whenever you do this. I honestly don’t see this as a mistake. You KNOW what you are suppose to do and constantly do the opposite anyway. I’m going to start considering suspensions when you violate these rules.